Money back guarantee

Trademarks & Copyrights

Logohaus assumes the client/customs has title/right to use the requested business name or trademark. All customers of Logohaus indemnify Logohaus from any claims or lawsuits related to produced designs or artwork. It is the client's responsibility to ensure suggested business names are registrable and won't infringe and existing trademarks.

Ownership of Designs

Upon payment and final approval, Logohaus will make the agreed design available for electronic download. These files will be transferred along with exclusive and unrestricted usage rights to the supplied Artwork.

In the case of a job cancellation, all related project designs & artwork remains the sole property of Logohaus and are not to be used in any shape or form.


All jobs within the project package available on the Logohaus website are subject to a 5 business day window for any required revisions. During this time, the client may request changes to a selected logo. After this time has expired (5 business days), no more changes are to be made and the client must choose a design for finalisation.


Unless specified by the client, artwork will be delivered in standard formats. Please see package pages for details. For non-standard formats, Logohaus reserves the right to charge a $50 fee.

Money Back Guarantee


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