Why Us

Know what you get

Know what you are getting before the job starts.
At Logohaus we want to make it simple and transparent. Choose a package, described in plain English and relax knowing what you see is what you get!

Simple fixed price

Everyone hates fine print and extra charges –
That's why at Logohaus there are none. Every package is priced with a fixed cost. That's it.

Multiple Designers

We choose specialist designers who are trained in the art
of Identity design and typography.

Unlike other companies we don't have a bunch of "jack-of-all-trades" who try to design logo on the side.

Fast turn time

Concepts, revisions and final art within a week.
That's fast. If you want great branding with no mucking about,
you've come to the right place.

Best value around

Multiple creative concepts, multiple revisions, multiple top-gun designers –
you simply won't find better value.

We say "better value" because there is always someone cheaper, but we all know that if we pay peanuts, we get monkeys!